Learning Environment

College Voltage provides 2 learning facilities, that is Indoor and Outdoor. Indoor learning is divided into two namely Offline, where all students learn together in the room, and Online, where students learn in each place by connecting each other with the internet. We try to create a free but decent conducive learning environment in order to create a good learning process to support the students’ comfort and privacy.

Developing a total learning environment for students in a particular course or program may be the most creative piece of teaching. Although there is a tendency to focus on the physical institutional learning environment (such as classrooms, lecture theaters and laboratories), or on technologies used to create an online personal learning environment (PLEs), the learning environment is broader than just these physical components. They will also include:

  • Characteristics of learners;
  • The purpose of teaching and learning;
  • The best activities will support learning;
  • The best assessment strategy will measure and encourage learning;
  • Culture that instills a learning environment.